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Dynamic Dreamz is an organization, that helps inspire and empower and build self esteem within our young girl youth. Dynamic Dreamz mentor to awesome young ladies we encourage them to become young women and leaders of our future ,by attending workshops for daily life skills, etiquette class, as well as bonding and friendship building. We have parent bonding experiences, sibling bonding.

Dynamic Dreamz mission is to help build up our future young ladies socially, emotionally, physically, and to let them know that they have someone in there corner to talk toat anytime.

Dynamic Dreamz is created to inspire and help build and encourage our young ladies socially, emotionally, physically. Create peer bonding within our youth.

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About The Founder Shanta Mulholland

Shanta Mulholland is a married mother of 5 kids two boys and three girls. I created Dynamic Dreamz through a vision of God. I Love kids and love to mentor and inspire and give knowledge to our future .

"How I came up with my name. Dynamic Dreamz, for over a month, I had been trying to come up with a name for my baby as time was getting near . It wasn't easy to find a name that would fit what I would be going through, touching the hearts of so many young ladies. So I had to make sure this name would fit as she grows . You see with growth comes maturity if raised right. One day I was sitting and praying asking God to guide me as he has been doing through this journey. My journey has had some major bumps, holes and weeds that I have had to over come and pull . Trust me I'm still moving minus the stops along the way. So as I was still trying to come up with names on my own I continued to wonder what my little one would look like as I sat in my room a sense of calmness came over me then ,I heard the word "Dynamic " which means a constant change of activity . Now I really had no idea of why this word came to me so clearly at the time."

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